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We Can Lower Your Monthly Utility Bill – for free!

Do you have a large CA utility bill like this one? We can help.

Here is a short video describing our home energy advising service.

HomeIntel is an energy saving program for CA utility home customers. It includes a free home audit and a personal energy advisor. There is no cost to you. Really!

We are authorized and contracted with major CA utility to do this work. Not certain, want to check? View this CA Utility authorization page. Also view the page below.

We are Authorized by CA Utility to Perform Home Audits

Three Simple Requirements

  • Have a CA utility smart meter installed to measure your home’s energy use. (You may already have one.)
  • Live in your home for a year or longer.
  • Not have solar panels (PV) installed. (your electric bill is already low).

We are paid by CA utility only when we help you reduce your energy bill. We have a large incentive to lower your utility bill, in the shortest time, at the lowest cost to you. (We DO NOT advise new expensive intalls like a new furnace for about $8-$10,000). We begin by identifying the simpler ways to save.

We’re Energy Professionals

We can identify the big energy uses in your home and teach you quick ways to lower your utility bill. We begin by identifying the simpler, low-cost ways to save. We’re qualified, we’ve been doing this for quite some time.

Yes! It’s Free to You. How is This Possible?

Home Energy Analytics (HEA) is contracted with PG&E to reduce the residential electrical and gas load on the grid. The PG&E government body (Ca Public Utility Commission) has required this reduction. Reason is with growing number of EV cars, population, cities, etc, the grid needs to be more efficient in electricity use and natural gas too. We at HEA, are paid when your energy use is reduced; we’re paid per unit of energy reduction directly by PG&E.
This is our (HEA’s) incentive to assist you in reducing your energy use and energy bill, which will save you money every month. It’s win-win for both of us!

Do Have Another Question About this Utility Saving Program?

Or, do you already see the value and you’re ready for a home audit? Register here, PayLess.hea.com

Greg M. Bell, Your Home Energy Advisor
Home Energy Analytics (HEA)
Los Altos, California

Home Energy Analytics is a CA Utility Authorized Company.

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